A baby is coming… Are you ready?

You just find out that you’re pregnant, now what? We know you might feel overwhelm and confused because your professional life is already very busy. So, […]

Am I elegible to bring a nanny from abroad?

Now than you’re thinking of bring a nanny from overseas you have to know that the Government of Canada has certain rules to make that happen. […]

Do you need a nanny or a babysitter? Do you know what’s the difference?

One of the most common confusions than our clients have is the difference between a nanny and a babysitter. Here we found a really good article […]

How much do I have to pay to my nanny?

This is a regular question that we are asked, and this is becase we know a nanny could be a huge relief for your family. It […]

I want to bring my friend’s nanny’s friend as a nanny from Filipinas for my family

This is a regular topic than we have commonly here in our offices, because we have some clients which they have friends with nannies with them. […]

The story of a new physician mother, the the struggling life between family and job

The other day I was reading about a successful woman doctor, where she talks about her struggle between her work and her new baby and I […]

We know your time is precious!

Regency nannies was acquired in 2004 by Stephanie Séguin, a lawyer and mother who understood the difficulty of finding a home helping hand and proper child […]

Let’s talk straight.

We offer you a free consultation with a specialist to better understand all the legal aspects surrounding the hiring of a nanny or a lady companion, […]

We know our nannies!

We know all our candidates very well. We have met them all, and each of them was duly evaluated. Most of them are women from the […]