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School year 2021-2022
Free Module

The free module covers rejection in a way that elementary and middle school-aged children will understand. Many children experience small and big rejections that can affect their psychological wellbeing, their self-esteem and their social lives. It’s important that children learn how to handle rejection from an early age in order to preserve their psychological balance and maintain their social involvement.

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Module 1
Adapting to change

Module 1 covers change and the difficulties elementary and middle school-aged children might face when trying to adapt to it. Change is an integral part of children’s lives, it’s so important that they learn how to handle it from an early age.

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Module 2

Module 2 covers bullying in elementary and middle schools. It covers the choices for children who either witness or are victims of bullying, and presents strategies they can use when faced with bullying.

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Module 3
Accepting "no"

Module 3 covers how children react to being told no. Having to submit to their parents’ decisions or decisions made by other authority figures (at school or elsewhere) is an ever-present challenge for children aged 6 to 13.

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Module 4

Module 4 covers children’s self-esteem, in particular with regards to struggling at school. Self-esteem is the foundation of children’s psychological balance. It is a protective factor against mental health issues, including other things. So, it’s really important that children can maintain high self-esteem even if they are struggling at school.

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Module 5
Fear of being judged

Module 5 covers children’s need to be accepted by their peers and the challenges of being yourself when faced with peer pressure. It covers the fear of being judged by a friendship group.

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